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   Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service

Why take your dog or cat to a kennel, when you can have personalized pet care at your home. I offer professional pet care at your home while you're away. One to four visits a day. Mid-day dog walking while you're at work.

Why hire a professional pet sitter?
*Hiring a pet sitter allows your pet(s) to remain in the comfort of your home while you're away.
*It greatly reduces the stress and health concerns that may arise from boarding your pet at a kennel.
*There is no longer any need to transport your pet to a kennel, or to impose on friends and family to care for your pet(s).
*A pet sitter provides lots of love and attention for your pet(s) security and well being.*A pet sitter also provides security checks which include turning on and off lights, and opening and closing drapes.*In addition to complete pet care my service also includes: taking in the mail and newspapers, caring for house plants, and putting the trash out.

I am a member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. I have pet sitters insurance that covers your home and pets.